February 22-25:   Two Eliava scientists (Dr. Kutateladze, Dr. Tediashvili) participated in the ASM BioDefence Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. A poster on Cholera phages was presented


April 5-10: Dr. Kutateladze had a presentation at the Fifth World Congress on Chemical, Biological and Radiological Terrorism in Dubrovnik, Croatia


May 16-19: One of the sessions of 19th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in Helsinki, Finland, was co-chaired by Dr. Kutateladze. She also made an oral presentation on bacteriophages.


May 18-20: Three scientist of the Eliava Institute (E.Tevdoradze, D.Gogiashvili, L. Gubeladze) participated in the 1st  Annual Conference of Biosafety Association for Central Asia & The Caucasus - Biosafety and BacterialViral Zoonotic Diseases in Almaty, Kazakhstan


July 19-22: Dr. Adamia and Dr. Kutateladze participated in the Bio World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing in Montreal, Canada 


July 25: Eliava Phage Center NY was founded in New York, USA


July – December: The Eliava scientists provided training to scientists from Baku. Two scientists spent two weeks in Baku to provide the training. Funding for the training was provided by the BioIndustry Initiative (BII, State Department, USA) 


August 9-14: The 18th Evergreen International Phage Biology meeting, Olympia, Washington, USA (Participation: Dr. Alavidze – oral presentation; I.Kusradze, N.Hoyle, T.Ghlonti – poster presentations; M.Merabishvili, E.Tevdoradze – oral and poster presentations) 


August 30 - September 4: Bacillus ACT-2009” Conference, Santa Fe, NM, USA (Participants: Dr. Chanishvili, Dr. Gogiashvili, L.Gubeladze – poster presentation)


September 14-17: Dr. Chanishvili participated in the Third Ukrainian-Polish Weigh Conference

"Microbiology on Service for Human" held in Odessa National I.I. Mechnykov University, Ukraine


October 19-23: Six scientists from Eliava participated at the Biological Threat Reduction Program (BTRP) Science Review (Dr. Adamia; Dr. Kutateladze – presentation on Brucella project results; Dr. Tediashvili – presentation on Cholera project – assigned as a best scientific presentation), Atlanta, Georgia, USA 


October 26-28: Third BBBB - Bosporus International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences, Antalya, Turkey (Dr. Kutateladze – oral presentation) 


November: The long awaited book edited by Dr. Nina Chanishvili and Dr. Richard Sharp was printed. This compilation describes the most interesting experiments and clinical trials published in Russian and Georgian languages during Soviet period 


November 4: Dr. Adamia was invited to give a lecture on bacteriophages to Westminster University in London. The next day he made a presentation to The House of Lords. He was also interviewed by the BBC 


November 25-27: The First HFM-194 NATO RTG meeting was held at the Eliava Institute. The seminar was devoted to development of evidence based guidelines (including use of phages) for the management of severely burned patients 


December 2:  “Europishe Eliava Institute fur phagen therapie” was founded in Nurnberg, Germany 


December 5-8: Dr. Kutateladze had a poster presentation at the 62nd Brucellosis Research Conference, Chicago, Illinois, USA 


During the year young scientists of the Eliava Institute participated in various training opportunities at institutions including:  The Institute of Pathogens, University of Maryland, USA; Quince College, New York, NY, USA; Texas Scientific-Medical Center, San Antonio, USA.