February 21-24:  Dr. M.Kutateladze, N.Janelidze and E.Tevdoradze participated in ASM BioDefence Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, USA


February 26: Dr. N.Chanishvili participated in the Conference “The Bacteriophages in Biotechnology and Medicine”, Valven Garden city, Great Britain


February 25 - March 1: The book “A literature review of the practical application of bacteriophage research”, which summarizes the historical experience of phage application in different fields of medicine, veterinary and environmental sciences, has been presented by Dr. N.Chanishvili in the UK at Health Protection Agency, Colindale and FERA, York. The presentation was organized by DSTL, UK


March 15: A spin-off company of the Eliava Foundation - Eliava Media Production started to operate. This project was sponsored by DTRA and aimed at creation of first state of-the-art small BioProduction in Georgia


May 3-6: Dr. N.Chanishvili participated in the Seminar “Array Technologies for BSL3 and BSL4 Pathogens” organized by EU COST Action B28, Istanbul, Turkey


May 22-26: The Eliava Institute and its spin-off companies participated in the International Exhibition “Expo-Georgia-2010”, Tbilisi, Georgia. This was Eliava’s first participation in such an  event and was sponsored by Tbilisi Mayor’s Office. The phage-based and other products presented by the Eliava IBMV and its spin-offs drew great interest of the visitors


May 31 - June 2: Dr. M.Kutateladze participated in 2nd meeting of CEN Workshop 55 – Guidance on CWA 15793, Seoul, Korea


June 4: Dr. M.Kutateladze participated in Workshop “Neglected microorganisms of intestinal flora: role of yeasts and phages in IBD”, organized by the DigestScience (digestive tract diseases and nutrition research foundation), Lion, France


June 19 – 21: Dr. R.Adamia was a co-chair of NATO Advanced Review Workshop “Bioethics and Bioterrorism” held in Ankara, Turkey


June 21 - 25: Eliava scientists (Dr. R.Adamia, Dr. M.Kutateladze, Dr. N.Chanishvili, Dr. T. Gabisonia, Dr. M.Tediashvili, Dr. M.Loladze, G.Tsertvadze, T.Glonti, Dr. M.Merabishvili) attended the conference “Viruses of Microbes”, Paris, France. Dr. Adamia was chairing the session on phage therapy, while Dr. Kutateladze had an oral presentation. 16 poster presentations reflected the activity of the Institute


June 8-11: Conference “Antimicrobial Resistance in Zoonotic Bacteria and Food borne Pathogens in Animals, Humans and the Environment”, Toronto, Canada (Poster presentation - E.Tevdoradze)


June 26: Dr. N.Chanishvili chaired a session and had an oral presentation at “11th International Symposium on the Genetics of Industrial Microorganisms”, Melbourne, Australia 


July 4-6: Poster presentations at International conference “EcoCaucasus 2010”, Tbilisi, Georgia (oral presentation by Dr. M.Tediashvili and T.Kokashvili, posters - N.Toklikishvili, A. Tskhvediani, T. Elbakidze)


August 17: A spin-off company of the Eliava Foundation - Eliava Media Production was granted the ISO 9001 Certificate. This is the first such enterprise not only in Georgia, but the entire Caucasus region 


August: A crew from French-German channel “Arte” filmed a documentary about the phage therapy and experience of the Eliava Institute


September: Department of Biological control was created at the Eliava Institute


September 14-17: Conference “Bioresources and Viruses”, Kiev, Ukraine (poster - N.Mitaishvili)


October 1-2: 4th International congress of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Tbilisi, Georgia (poster presentation – Dr. S.Rigvava)


October 5-7:  ISTC seminar “Probiotics and Health” (Oral presentation – Dr. N. Chanishvili), Yerevan, Armenia


October 27-28: Workshop “Georgian Competitiveness: How Can Georgian Scientific Developments Make Georgia More Competitive in the World”, Tbilisi, Georgia. (Dr. N. Chanishvili)


October:  British Embassy in Georgia sponsored a grant, which was aimed at incresing the visibility of the Eliava Institute and phage approach in General. In the framework of this project booklets, leaflets, boots, stands and other tools were manufactured, which were successfully used for better entertaining the Eliava products


November:  Eliava Biopreparations organized first, export selling of phage preparations to Azerbaijan 


November 24-25: International conference “Agrodiversity and sustainable development of agriculture”, Tbilisi, Georgia. (Poster and oral presentation – Dr. T.Gabisonia)


November 30 – December 2: Workshop on “structuring sponsored research agreements between life sciences companies and Georgian academic laboratories” organized by United States Department of Commerce, Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP), GRDF, GTU (presentation by Dr. M.Tediashvili), Tbilisi, Georgia


December: Young scientists N.Toklikishvili, N.Mitaishvili and T.Elbakidze participated for three weeks in workshop/training organized by faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the University of Jerusalem, Rehovot, Israel. The visit was financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel


December:  Eliava International Phage Therapy Center started operation. This project was sponsored by private investor from US


December 4-7: 63th Annual Brucellosis Research Conference, Chicago, Illinois (Dr. M.Kutateladze, Dr. I.Antadze)


December 6–8: CEN Workshop 55, 3rd plenary meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (E.Tevdoradze)


December 20-23: Dr. M.Tediashvili and E.Jaiani visited Army Medical Research Institute in Grenoble, France for participation in seminars and meetings with French colleagues in relation with starting collaboration on phage research (Oral presentation by Dr. M.Tediashvili)


The Eliava Institute scientists performed regular meetings with the collaborators in the framework of joint scientific projects and programs (University of Berkley, Grenoble Institute of Biomedical Research of the Ministry of Defense of France)


 Young scientists of the Eliava Institute took training courses and carried out the collaborative research in various laboratories in US, France, Israel.